7 Data Science Jobs for Freshers to Apply for in 2023

The demand for data scientists is expanding quickly. According to recent figures, the number of data science jobs has increased by 30%, with India accounting for 11.6% of that growth. The field of data science offers countless opportunities, creating many new positions each year. This post will discuss seven popular types of data science jobs for which new graduates can apply. Additionally, there are sections on the salaries for these professions, the abilities you’ll need, and how to get ready to break through in this field. Let’s get going.

7 Popular Data Science Jobs

Since 2015, the data science sector has grown by 650%, outpacing practically all other industries. Additionally, reports indicate that a data scientist should expect a 30–40% pay raise after joining a company. Similarly to this, current professionals receive a 20–30% annual raise.

If you know how to use your data science talents, a career in this field can be very lucrative. Experts anticipate over 1.1 crore job opportunities by 2026. You’re in luck if you want to begin your data science career right away. In fact, you can start applying to the data science courses in India available online to learn the skills. 

As a new hire, you can be passed over for the variety of positions employers seek in the name of a data scientist.

Here are seven types of data science jobs for first-year students that you may look into to make the job search process easier.

  • Data Scientist

For businesses, data scientists are in charge of gathering, purifying, and organizing data. To solve complex business challenges, they must be able to extract and analyze vast amounts of data. Data scientists don’t work in reporting or data visualization, unlike data analysts. However, they employ visualization to sift through vast, complex data sets for patterns. Data scientists frequently work with unprocessed or processed information in its raw forms (data).

  • Data Engineer

Data architects are in charge of making sure databases run smoothly and perform better over time. A data architect develops new database systems and data solutions in addition to working with already existing systems. Additionally, they give database administrators, and analysts access to the system. The major objective of this position is to build an accessible data environment for the company that will support data scientists and other employees. This is unquestionably among India’s top data science positions in terms of pay and potential for professional advancement.

  • Data Analyst

Experts in data analytics and analysis are known as data analysts. For the purpose of identifying patterns, they gather, examine, and evaluate data. Additionally, they find connections, dependencies, anomalies, and patterns in the data.

Data analysts are experts at transforming and manipulating enormous databases for sophisticated analytics. In the process of creating reports, forecasting, and visualizing, analysts are also highly helpful. They support businesses in making data-driven decisions, much like business intelligence professionals.

  • Data Engineer

Data engineers played a very specific role when processing created or sorted data. Typically, they are leaders in data modeling and warehousing. Batch processing of data from sources is done by a data engineer, who also keeps up the data pipelines. In a business, they play a crucial role in developing the ideal environment for data scientists and analysts. As a data engineer, your responsibility will be to ensure that the entire data network functions properly and effectively and facilitates data transmission throughout this ecosystem.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

Delivering automated software and mechanical solutions or building data pipelines for sophisticated Machine Learning (ML) systems are the duties of this position. Engineers specializing in machine learning create, construct, oversee, and test ML systems. One of their primary objectives is to research the most effective methods and algorithms for integrating machine learning concepts into systems using either supervised or unsupervised learning techniques. 

Deep learning is another area in which ML engineers work, and they carry out several studies to enhance the functionality of these systems. The types of data science are now complete. There are different professions for these types of sophisticated research, such as ML Research Scientists and ML Research Engineers.

  • Business Intelligence Analyst or Developer

Business intelligence (BI) analysts, developers, and users create and use BI technologies to assist organizations in making wise operational decisions. Data is used to supporting data-centric operations and forecast probability for the business. Experts in BI technologies and visualization are BI analysts. As application architects, BI developers, on the other hand, excel in modifying current systems and locating or connecting the data that a BI tool will utilize. BI analysts alter end-user dashboards and reports to concentrate on key details, while BI developers alter BI tools in accordance with the needs of the firm. They alter it in a way that is simple for non-technical folks to understand. One of the greatest data science careers for new graduates is undoubtedly this one.

  1. Enterprise/Infrastructure Architect

Business systems, database infrastructure, data infrastructure, and cloud computing are all areas in which enterprise/infrastructure architects are experts. They encourage organizations to adopt new technology and modernize their IT infrastructure. They also actively participate in a company’s move to cloud computing simultaneously. Additionally skilled in working with data and database management and cloud infrastructure architects. They ensure that the data integrity is upheld in the cloud and that it can be quickly and securely accessed in accordance with operational requirements.

You can try these top 7 job roles as a fresher. While these roles are apt for a fresher to start their career, an experienced professional can also go into these roles. As you gain experience, most of these roles expand into ones with more intricate duties. 

Skills Required to become a data science professional

After that, let’s look at the abilities that qualify you for a data science position.

The sole requirement is that you have a solid background in statistics and mathematics.

To understand why a course in data science can help you, check out the details of a data science course online syllabus.

Candidates with a professional course certificate are preferred by businesses all around the world. This reassures them that the candidate possesses all the necessary abilities to get started. Therefore, be sure you have all the essential talents before writing your data scientist resume.

  • Programming Languages such as Python, R, or Scala.
  • SQL database administration 
  • Relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server and business intelligence (BI) tools like Power BI, SAS, or Tableau.
  • Excel for Microsoft and Power Pivot
  • Utilizing the Cloud
  • Skills in Testing and Debugging
  • Data Processing
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Management
  • Data cleaning 
  • Data Modeling

Summing up

This concludes our discussion of the different kinds of data science jobs that recent graduates and freshers can pursue. If you are interested in data science, here are the best data science course in India offered by Learnbay.

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